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Clube de Montanha do Funchal

O trail-running  is a type of race quite different from track or road. The courses can and should include technical trails, that many times inaccessible by any other mean than by foot. Mountain regions with a lot of elevation, steep uphill’s and downhills, small rivers, rocky terrains and other types of terrains. 

Orienteering  is and individual or team discipline that has an a objective to cover a distance in mixed unknow terrains obliging athletes to pass by pre-determined controls points established on a map that is distributed to each contestant.

The courses include numerous varieties and characteristics that can be from sand, to forests more and less denses, terrains more or less rugged, etc. The difficulty grade is established according the athlete categories and their age ( that range from 10 to 80 years old)  

Skyrunning® is and discipline of mountain running. The Skyrunning® courses have high elevation, very technical sections and extremely steep inclines ( grades above 30%), that are run using roads, trails, rocks or snow.