Introduction to Skyrunning

“Skyrunning is essentially a mountain running sport. Skyrunning courses have a high level of elevation, technical sections and steep climbs (superior to 30%), they can use roads, trails, rock or snow. They can also have a small percentage of asphalt, but, in some parts of the course steep inclines reach the regions highest mountains from any of the nearest locals. These courses are always highly scenic, that is, they're always trough very beautifull and virgin landscapes."
Federação de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal

Skyrunning was founded in 1992 by the Italian Marino Giacometti, president of the International Skyrunning Federation that sanctions the sport in a worldwide level that has a slogan:
“Less cloud. More Sky”

Initially, Skyrunning e Skyrunner® defined the activity in each participants competed in races above 2000 meter above seal leve. Having in mind that not all countries possess these mountain regions with such heights, the ISF did not want to discard regions and counties that had excellent mountain races. For these reasons it has widened also to events that are under 2000 meters seal level but also possess a extremely high elevation in in the shortest distance possible.

Skyrunning races organized by Clube de Montanha do Funchal: