Bicycle Touring

As a start we can establish the bicycle touring ins not a discipline like road our mountain bike but in a certain it shares a but of characteristics from both. If we think well enough both of it "spin" around bicycles, correct?

Bicycle touring defines itself as a way to move using a bicycle, in many cases it’s made in travels, the discovery of new places, friendships, etc…

There are no rules when it comes to time to ride a bicycle and you simply pedal without any pressure and take your time to enjoy, hear and smell the wonders of nature around you

In summary, to it’s all these who participate in these activity take it as a way of life, a philosophy and a passion.

It can be done either in roads, in trails in the middle of our Laurel forest, on steep hills … or whatever path you chose to take.

O CMoF has as bicycle partnership with MZBike.