KM Vertical do Fanal

Starting by the sea and finishing on the mountain summit

“The first Vertical KM organized in national territory was the KM Vertical do Fanal in 2010”

Ribeira Funda - Fanal



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The km Vertical do Fanal had it’s debut in the year of 2010, by the initiative of the former CMoF president, Sidónio Freitas. It was then, a new challenge to complement the few trail running races existent at that time in Madeira Island.

These races consist in ascending 1.000m of positive elevation in less than 5km, in the case of the KV do Fanal, these elevation in achieved in 3,98km of race extension.

The 1.000 m of climb are achieved in just 3.980 meters.

The race is situated on the west cost of the island, in the Porto Moniz council, a place of rare beauty that is highlighted mainly by it’s natural lava pools and also by a pristine laurel forest in which is situated the race finish line.

The fanal has a rich natural patrimony in what’s highlighted by the big concentration of Tis (Ocotea Foetens), century old trees of large dimensions that belong to Laurel tree family’s.

This race has it’s started on the village of Ribeira Funda, the smallest and isolated village of the island where currently only live 13 persons that is situated at 78 meters above sea level.

Race records

Since it’s first edition the race course is unchanged therefore old “chronos” still are valid throughout all editions.

Record of Joana Soares in 2020

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Overall record of Vincent Loustau in 2021

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