Madeira Orienteering Festival

MOF 2023 - 13 a 15 January

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About MOF

Madeira Orienteering Festival

MOF, is one of the races organized by CMoF, that has as main purpose to promote Madeira Island using orienteering as its tramission vehicle.
If we consider that many of the athletes that comes to this event are from regions where this discipline is more evolved, it’s CMoF obligation to achieve nothing but exellency with this event. With this effort we contribute tot he evolution of the sport of Orienteering in Madeira Island and its several technical and organizing strands.

By all this, and because regional athletes are in first place, we hope to achieve “mass” participation of regional habitants from federate to those non federate athletes that do orienteering trough more “playful eyes”, or even to those who want to practice for the first time a discipline that has a high level of cognitive interest and physical challenge.

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